Free Godiva Chocolate Piece Every Month (in-store)

Free Godiva Chocolate Piece Every Month (in-store)
Join the Godiva Chocolate Rewards Club for free! Each month, you'll be eligible to receive one (1) piece of chocolate from the eligible pieces of chocolate in the chocolate case at a Participating Boutiques for free. Other perks include free shipping, exclusive monthly offers and more!

How can I receive my FREE chocolate piece every month reward?
"Visit a participating Boutique and ask a store Associate for your Free Chocolate Piece Reward. You will be asked to show the store Associate your Rewards Club Card or provide a piece of information that was provided at time of enrollment in order to verify membership and reward eligibility. You are eligible to receive your first Free Chocolate Piece Reward in the calendar month following your initial enrollment. See Terms and Conditions for details."

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I love chocolate
Joan Ratliff
We are a family of chocolate lovers may I please have a sample thank u
I signed up and got a page promising to show me what offers I am eligible to get. Nowhere does it talk about a free piece of chocolate. Just free shipping.
Have been a member more than two years or so; I do spend more than $10 a year there. I have missed many months of one free piece of chocolate, but when I do go to the store, I get one free piece of chocolate once a month. They just ask for the phone number; & they are usually polite.....otherwise, I would never stop or shop there! But I don't know anything about the birthday offer (???) thus far, unless it's something new this year. We shall see.
This is what you get by becoming a member, including the small print rules they made confusing to understand by breaking it up throughout the terms page and the faq page. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but I'm assuming it was: • A FREE chocolate piece every month starting the month following initial membership. - Details: only off of select pieces and only while supplies last. You must go in store to get. If you don't get it by the end of the month, it's forfeited, so you cannot get 2 the next month. You must spend at least $10 each year using your membership. I'm guessing you can start getting your free chocolate immediately (monthly free chocolate actually starts the 1st of April. Before that, you only get 1 free chocolate now through 3/31) after signing up, but if you want free chocolate the next year, you better have spent $10 this year. • FREE gift when you spend $20 or more - Details: your free gift is not available the same time you spend the $20. Instead, your free offer becomes available the following month. There is no details on what the free offer is, so I wouldn't get too excited because it could be something you don't like. All it says is it will $2.95 or more, but never lower than that. You will also lose it if you don't pick it up that same month it becomes available. • Birthday Offer every year on your birthday - Details: you can receive your free birthday offer anytime (and in-store only) during your birthday month, but will be forfeited if not used when the month ends. Again, no information on what it is your exactly getting for free, but hey, it's free • FREE standard shipping on one online order - Details: free shipping can only be used once and you are only given a year to use it, after that you've lost it. Not valid if you spend $500 or more (not sure who's spending this much on chocolate anyways) • Exclusive special offer every month - Details: offer becomes available on the 16th of every month I hope this helps everyone. I apologize if I left anything out.
Love this
The new rule is you have to spend $10 that year
Thankz so much can't wait 2 try it.
Yes you have to spend $10 to activate your account. However, if you go to See's chocolate store they will happily give you a free piece of chocolate every day, just ask, and there's nothing to fill out or sign up for.