Free Gifts for Moms from Similac

Free Gifts for Moms from Similac
Join Similac® StrongMoms® for up to $400 in benefits* Whether you plan to breastfeed or formula feed, StrongMoms® provides you with expert nutrition advice and support for pregnancy and beyond. *Offers may vary.

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We didn't do formula but, it didn't stop me from signing up for this awesome freebie. I got several free things from shutterfly. And a few tins of formula and occasional coupons that I gifted to friends and family. Really great offer . I'd do it again just for the shutterfly coupon codes :)
Ok ladies!!! This is not the place to express your pros and cons on breast milk/formula. This is a site to inform you on a free item that you can apply for if your interested, otherwise DON'T!!!! It's a personal choice/decision so please get off your soap box and don't personally attack each other for their choices! No one wants to have to read thru your drama and bickering!
Adoptive Mom
I am so sick of these moms that say you should only give your child breast milk. I can read all I want and " try" to breast feed til the cows come home and my baby would be dead cuz it wouldn't work. Be loving to women who would like to but although breast milk may be "best" for others formula is BETTER. And since it is expensive deals like this can be helpful.
Dry Boobs
Its probably pointless to post this since the conversation in question is so old, but I wanted to say that I am a living breathing example of a woman who *gasp* physically couldn't produce milk. Not a drop. Pumps and therapy were fruitless. We do exist. People who cant produce milk arent like Santa Claus. We are real. My kids, all 3 are cognitively above where they need to be, honor roll students with absolutely no developmental issues of ANY kind. Formula babies arent freaks, they can do just fine. Arrogance and ignorance toward people who do not agree with you or fall into your picture of how it should be is wrong. They do not deserve to be talked to like they are lazy or stupid. Crap happens. Nobody has the exact same body. If we did, we wouldnt need sizes with clothing or Doctors. Get over yourself.
i had problems with both of my babies. i did not produce enough milk at all. i tried pumping and got no where. my first baby was eating every 30 minutes but getting no milk. so yeah it does happen! i tried for a week and she was losing weight!
@ Lactivist
My daughter hated breast feeding, literally screamed and pushed herself away, we spent 4 months stressing each other out and visiting different lactation nurses. For us formula is healthier, it's much healthier for her to eat and be happy. Oh and another thing, she started on puréed foods at 4 months. So yeah, you can take the BLW crap and shove it . Have a nice day, you're entitled to your opinion, that doesn't give you the right to cram your beliefs down someone's throat.
Your so wrong about breastfeeding! It is not a small percentage these days it is a hogher percentage to be breastfed because of the inability to produce enough milk for the child. Even if you only breastfeed sometimes you have to start formula because your child is not gaing weight and needs more then just your breastmilk so your are forrect in there is no better form or food for your baby than breastmilk but your being a sour bitch to the mothers who had to start formula brcause doctors told them only breastfeeding wasnt enough!
At Nicole
sorry you had a hard time. there are a lot of lactation consultants that can help with latch problems. also if you introduced a bottle, baby is gonna prefer the bottle not you. Good job for even trying though. some people just dry up because they give formula and bottle. the more formula you give the less milk you make.
She wouldn't latch to me so I pumped for about a month n I wasnted making enuf by the end for she to even have a bottle a day of breast milk. Got to the point that I would pump so much as I can all day n give her a breast milk bottle b4 bed so some people just dry up. Why be an ass?
AMAZING OFFER! They send u box w/ 3dif types of formula (store bought size) an a poop ton of 5$ off coupons... Its a pain in tha butt to get tha offer, but it is well worth it!