Free Excedrin Migraine Sample

Free Excedrin Migraine Sample
Visit this offer, fill out the form and get a Free Excedrin Migraine Sample.

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Carol Couch
Can't fill out the Info it won't let me :(
michelle palmer
it won't let you put your name
Kelly Van Ostbetg
I get Chronic Migraines & my insurance company only gives me 9 pills every25 days. I end up having to pay for every other 9 out of my pocket. My Dr. put in a preauth. for more and they refused. I have 2 insurance companies: Medicaid & Fidellis( Fidelis sucks!!! They deny everything! No lie!) I would love to try a sample. Please & Thank you!
Would like the free sample of Excedrin get bad headachesand this helps than you
Cannot fill out first /last names or gender.... wont allow to submit form: (
Joan Ratliff
I have the worst migraines and my daughter also and I would love to receive a sample thank you
Won't let me enter name and gender
Please fix your app!!! You can't pick stuff from the drop down menu and for this offer it won't let you enter your name and some other stuff. Please fix the bugs
It is not letting me put my Name in
Not letting. Me put My Name in