Free Come Out of the Dark Wristband (fb)

Free Come Out of the Dark Wristband (fb)
Request your Free "Come Out of the Dark" Wristband. Help spread the depression awareness and fight its stigma nationwide!

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I would like to have one due to the fact that I to suffer from manic depression....but this site does not work
Laura S.
I would also love one of these as I have been suffering with depression for 20 yrs now & I'm only 34. :-( But can only access the site via my cell but it won't work. :-(
people with depression dont have alot of support like we need
I dos not work
Pepper, this offer is on facebook, it may not work on mobile devices.
It's not working for me? Keeps saying page not found.
Milagros Montanez
I have family with depression
I would love this wristband having friends with depression and helping out the awareness