Free 2019 Catholic Art Wall Calendar

Free 2019 Catholic Art Wall Calendar

Get your Free 2019 Catholic Art Wall Calendar. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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would love 2 calendars by mail
Please send me a calendar .
can you please send me a calendar I can really use one thank you
heidi petersen
I real think this site is so good ty..
Due to the tremendous response to the 2017 Catholic Art Calendar we ask that you please call us at 414-376-6861 to order your copy.
winnie cardona
would love the free calendar
I received mine last week. I opend the envelope took out the calendar along with a letter and sase! I read the letter and it was a thank you for your interest in our calendar of our church and a bunch of other stuff in between and then the envelope came in ....... Thank you in advance for you gift. So in actuality the calendar which was suppose to be FREE is not. So whether you send them a "gift" or not you will get mail constantly. So in actuality the church is wasting more money trying to get a "gift" for that calendar then it is worth. Also whoever puts these posts of free stuff on I Love Free should really make sure things are free and that there is no monetary catch to it!!!!!!!!
Not avilable
Santa Fe
Haven't gotten any free items in the mail from this app but this seemed promising and interestingly holy so hopefully It comes in the mail soon!:)
Got mine. Thanks!