Free Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel Sample

Free Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel Sample. There is a limit of one sample per address and/or household.

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Ordered this sample months ago and never got it, and yes I checked both boxes.
Patricia stafford
I would like to try biofree for my pain in my leg
I never got the sample
rodolfo cardona
send me any info
it worked for me i got mine !!! and i LOVE this product
you have o check the second box at the bottom to recieve it or the sender doesnt get your info on who and where to sen it to
It tells me it doesn't recognize my address its spelled out correctly tried it twice what a joke
For those that are having problems I suggest you check both boxes, even the one for receiving emails and stuff from them. I've noticed on other freebies that if you don't accept to get emails etc from them then you may get a page like "sorry error in form" or "sorry you dont qualify".What they are actually telling you is that you didnt click the box to accept Emails from them. This happened to me by the bodycology sample. Once I finnaly clicked accept E-mails they conveniently informed me tha my sample was on the way.
Submitted and received confirmation of delivery in abt 6-8 weeks.
Just another way to get your information. Not worth it