Free $5 Gift Card from Plink

Free $5 Gift Card from Plink
Sign up for Plink and get your free $5 gift card! Earn great rewards from iTunes, Starbucks, Amazon, Wal-Mart and more when you dine and shop offline!

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Expired. Plz remove so others know and so is the one
I've used plink for several months now, it's not sketchy, it's awesome, safe and easy. I have gotten 1 card so far from points, however I'm unsure how this offer can give a $5 card without earning unless its a referral bonus?
This is true what efy is saying. The shops that they are not the ones that I use anyway so I am not going to give them my bank account. Not worth the $5
well, I got K-9 web protection on my pc and this site got blocked, wont even waste my time unblocking.
why don't you take this offer down? you don't want your readers to get upset with you because you are promoting something that will get their accounts hacked! not worth $5 for the aggravation that it would cause!!!
They must think I'm nuts if they think I'm putting my bank info in there.. And it's not worth for $5 anything on this site. I think it's a total scam
jessie cruz
im not giving them my account info. must be crazy.
Yeah. NO. taking my bank password sorry but no
it is asking me to sign in using my bank online name and password. no thanks!!!!