Free 2013 Israel the Beautiful Calendar

Free 2013 Israel the Beautiful Calendar
Visit this offer and sign up for a free 2013 Israel the Beautiful calendar.

Click on the banner above and fill out the form.

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I agree with Drew. Just because something is free doesn't mean it's worth posting. This so called offer is nothing but a bunch of aggravation. If you care one iota about your readers, please take it down!!
Let me say something else. Now that I have just got mine and now I get a lot of spam and calls wanting $$$ thats not even the bad part. I gave a fake name to them and I DIDN"T give them my real #!
Got mine and I love it! Thanks people for supporting Israel! God bless!
I have never got it, and this was ordered probably around last year.
No link
I ordered this last time it was made available. Never received it. Have received lots of other mail and emails though
Susan Scott
Got it! Can't wait to look at all of it.
Thank you. I have yet to have a chance to visit the Holy Land. It would be my pleasure to hang this calendar in my home.
I have gotten their free pin. Unfortunately once you sign up with them you will be bombarded with a ton of email and regular mail. I had to write them and ask them to stop.
Glendon Gray
No banner to click link.