Free 2-Year Subscription to Shape Magazine

Free 2-Year Subscription to Shape Magazine
Get a free 2-year subscription to Shape magazine from Rewards Gold.

UPDATE 12/7: offer is back.

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It worked! Thank you:) I love getting free magazines I get so many now! It's awesome.
No. I got all of them. I get a ton of magazines (I'm a reader instead of a TV watcher) and the only magazine I pay for is STAR (a guilty pleasure and I got a fantastic deal on it). Otherwise, I get Shape, Allure, Lucky, Redbook, Women's Health, Rolling Stone, Better Homes and Gardens, MORE Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Backpacker, OK! Magazine, US Magazine, Newsweek, Family Fun, and a slew of others for free. :)
Kendra, Did you get the majority of magazines?
...and the usual crop of complainers pops up. in 10+ years of signing up for free magazines from various sites, only once did I get a subscription I didn't ask for (and it was for a fishing magazine -- I didn't read the fine print when I signed up for a fishing lure freebie).

1) Don't confuse an invoice with a renewal notice. They look similar. Sometimes you'll sign up for a new sub and you'll get a renewal notice even before the sub starts.

2) If you did get an invoice, you were not "charged." You simply got an invoice (somehow in error). Call the magazine company (Google is your friend) and tell them you never placed the order.

Well, thats kinda scary... I got a "free" subscription to better homes from or somewhere. I wonder if they'll charge me... :(
Got my subscription!
@Shareen: yikes! Thanks for the head's up. I may not be too interested in waiting for my "free" magazines now!
Got a subscription! Getting in less than eight weeks sweet!
@ Ellen i got a "free" subscription of bettter homes and gardens and i was sent an invoice :/ so they still charged me.
I fill these out frequently but never get the magazine. I filled some out over a year ago. Do these offers work for anyone? Just curious!