Easy Practical Jokes for a Fun-Filled April Fools

In the Spirit of April Fools Day, we've taken the liberty to seek and find some of the easiest practical jokes you can pull on those you love this April 1st. Most of these fun ideas take very little prep work, but certainly reap the rewards of a good laugh. Here are some instructions to follow to make April Fools Day a memorable one for some unlucky member of your household.

1. Good Morning

Start you roommate's day off in the bathroom. Everyone heads into the powder room to clean up in the morning.

- Take their toothbrush and shake salt into and onto the bristles.
- Twist the aerator screen off the faucet and place a food coloring tablet in it.

When your friend goes to brush their teeth, they'll get a mouth of salt that even a minty toothpaste can't cover up. When they turn on the water to rinse out their mouth their hands will be covered in red water!

2. Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make this meal memorable.

- Cook up grilled cheese sandwiches as normal. After letting one cool, add an additional slice of cheese to that sandwich with the wrapper still on it.
- Brew up a batch of coffee and make sure to replace sugar with salt or honey with molasses.

One bite into the grilled cheese will be full of plastic! The sweetener in their coffee will be less then satisfactory!

3. Getting Ready for the Day

Some people use a million things to get ready in the morning.

- Take time the night before stealing many of these essential items and wrapping them individually in newspaper.
- Fill up the bathtub with water and add goldfish.

Having to unwrap a million packages to find your deodorant and socks can take some time and their sure to have a swimming time during their shower getting ready for work.

4. Working 9 to 5

Just because your partner is at work doesn't mean the fun has to be postponed!

- Add an embarrassing thing to their public to-do list.
- Scotch Tape over the optical laser on the bottle of their mouse.

Having friends notice your 2 o'clock Hair Plug consultation could be almost as embarrassing as trying to fix a computer mouse that isn't broken!

5. Getting Home

After work, most people want to just wind down with a relaxing activity to end their day on a good note.

- Send them a package disguised to look like something they ordered.
- Get a copy of their favorite read (book, magazine, newspaper) and superglue the pages together.

Having a package when you get home is exciting when you've been waiting for something special. Opening it up to smelly dirty socks isn't pleasant. Cooling down with a book you can't read can be unsettling too!

It's important you carefully choose who you will prank because some people are lighthearted and will join in the fun. For others, this kind of joking might just leave a bad taste in their mouth (literally). If done properly, practical jokes will leave even the victim chuckling.