Dunkin' Donuts: Free Medium Beverage for Your Birthday

When you enroll in Dunkin' Perks you'll get a coupon for a FREE medium beverage of your choice and again coupon on your birthday.

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birthday 9-16
robert colasanti
Recv. dd reward certificate, however unable to use it because
the coupon does not have an expire date and dd rest will not honor it.
I never received my coupon for my free coffee and my birthday coffee (6/22) Thanks
Melissa reisch
I did not receive a free cup of coffee for filling out the application and also for my birthday what happened
I received one on my Birthday 12/23 I have not used it but it expires soon so I shall
It should still work
Jan Scofield
My BDAY is Monday February 22nd, any chance of getting free coffee? ?
i my birthday is coming up
fran wiseman
I would appreciate coupons for free coffee and for my birthday
I would appreciate free coupons for a cup of coffee and for a birthday
Don't bother. They must have quit doing this because this year I never received a free medium beverage for my birthday as I have the previous years.