Duck Dynasty “Ducked Out” House Party (apply)

Duck Dynasty “Ducked Out” House Party (apply)
Get your ducks in a row for Season 3 of A&E’s Duck Dynasty by hosting a “Ducked Out” House Party. If selected as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

- DVD including sneak peek preview of Season 3 and two episodes from Season 2, plus a special introduction from the Robertsons, themselves
- Robertson family recipe cards
- Duck Dynasty T-shirt
- Duck Dynasty poster
- Beards
- Robertson face masks
- Bandana
- Duck Dynasty coasters
- And more!

Sponsor: A&E
Party date: Saturday, February 23, 2013
Host spots: 1000

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Love the show...and remember never mess with a mans hat!!!
Just love the show.the whole family can watch all the characters
Steve Dall
Watching the show right now, and saw your ad at the same time.... The duck gods tell me this is my lucky day... My late sons girlfriend is in love with Si. ( must be the Vietnam veteran in him that attracts her. Lol). And if we win, she will be the first person invited....