Complimentary Red Bull 4-pack for College Students (twitter)

Complimentary Red Bull 4-pack for College Students (twitter)
Follow @RedBullWings on twitter, tell them about your finals and they should reply to you with a link to claim your free 4-pack of Red Bull.

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Ana Morales
Amazing product and I cannot praise it enough. I tell all my friends about it and how it actually can be beneficial when studying for mid-terms or finals.
Finals are so hard this is crazy y should I have to cram all that studying in so dang quickly
this guy
sooo did you guys get the red bull i just did this offer a couple seconds ago
not rude, she's just stating the obvious lol
Chrissy, You are RUDE! Happy Holidays!
Apparently not that hard because your grammar, punctuation and incorrect spelling overshadow your one sentence.
Hey finals are hard so i been studing real hard