25 Reasons to Shop Online on Black Friday

Are you considering going out to big retail stores to find great deals on Black Friday? There are many reasons to avoid the buildings full of shoppers this holiday season. From safety to convenience, here’s a list of 25 reasons why you should turn on your computer instead of your car on Black Friday.

If you’re going out...

25. You need lots of sleep. This requires you to go to bed really early and miss out on time with your family on Thanksgiving.

24. There may not be a parking space. You’ll be surprised how quickly a parking lot can fill up.

23. It will probably be cold. Your body can get exhausted just trying to stay warm if you’re standing outside at 2 A.M.

22. You could loose your place in line. Pray you don’t have to visit the bathroom, most people won’t let you back in line.

Black Friday Reasons
21. There will be huge crowds. Some WalMarts report having up to 2,000 customers waiting outside before the stores even open.

20. There is never enough of the front page products. Some stores only receive 10 - 50 of the item that is advertised to the front page.

19. You are highly likely to get hurt. While you probably won’t end up like the WalMart employee who was trampled to death in 2008, you will probably get elbowed, pushed, and bitten. People can be more like animals then humans. Everyone is out for that good deal and when they don’t get it, they’ll show their ugly side.

18. Your kids can’t come with you. While we’d love to teach our children how rewarding it is to search, buy, and give a gift to others, this ravage environment isn’t really safe for the family, physically or mentally.

17. The lines are LONG. You could wait for as long as 4 hours to pay for your purchases.

16. It doesn’t always stay in your basket. Yes, people do steal stuff from shopping carts.

15. You’ll be hungry. Even those who pack a snack don’t get enough nutrition to last them the whole shopping experience. Fast food restaurants and food courts have lines as long as Walmart on Black Friday.

If you’re staying in...

14. You can shop in your pajamas online.

13. You can shop while sitting in your bed online.

12. Most companies have the same deals online starting at 12 am.

11. You can compare prices online.

10. Many places offer free shipping on Black Friday.

9. You won’t spend money on gas for your car when you shop online.

8. You can look up reviews while online to make sure you’re buying a good product.

7. You and your friends can tag-team in the same room without using cell phones.

6. You’re more likely to find the stuff you want because it’s easier to look up an item online then it is to run throughout a store.

5. You’re likely to score more of the items on your because you’re not wasting time running from store to store.

4. It’s easier to stick to your budget when shopping online because you won’t pick up loads of other “fantastic” deals while trying to find the one you’re looking for.

3. Your children are safe.

2. You don’t have to hire a babysitter.

1. You won’t have a million plastic grocery bags to deal with.