3 Free Stationery Samples from Tiny Prints

3 Free Stationery Samples from Tiny Prints
For a limited time, Tiny Prints are offering three free samples of any of their outstanding stationery products! Just enter code: 3FREESAMPLES at checkout and get them absolutely free.

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christy sawyers
do not waste your time........brain surgery is easier I promise
This worked for me. You have to search for 'lunch box notes' and click on free sample
Just so you know guys, search "lunch box notes" those are the only ones that offer "samples" of the stationery paper and no, you can't customize them for the free offer. they come with exactly what is seen on the picture. still a great deal though!
Its funny how they say free but only take $3.00 off I want my hour of my life I spent looking and decideing on stuff back. Totally mad.
brandi bye
what a rip off! Spent an HOUR looking and picking. Won't let you check out!
it said "3FREESAMPLES" code is NOT valid and I didn't get anything personilized
I couldn't find where I could got only 3 samples. it required me to purchase 10 and then get 3.00 off. Next time...
I couldn't get to the checkout page. Something up with the site. I'm on my iPad. Anyone else have that problem?
Thank you sooooo much
Ordered 3 free samples. Could not personalize them.