3 Free Elmo Personalized Songs

3 Free Elmo Personalized Songs
Use code: myelmo (Email address is not required) Pick your Child's Name and download 3 free Elmo songs.

NOTE: May not work properly in the Firefox Browser

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It didn't work on my Evo :(
They don't have my daughter's name. :(
In fact I can never find her name in stuff like this, and she doesn't even have a very uncommon name!
This worked but only on real song in the free section the rest is more like talking...still neat tho! My kids love it
I got these. This is the CUTEST thing ever! The theme song for Sesame Street is my nieces favorite song right now and I am so eager to play this for her!
Doesn't work on I phone
Jennifer Fosner
I wished this worked on my iPhone, but I can't get it to save :(