Free Farm to Fridge DVD

Mercy For Animals is offering a Free Farm to Fridge DVD. Just visit this offer and fill out the form.

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Most definitely. You should check out forks over knives.
I don't understand what point you're trying to make, ilovmeat; nor is your comment very legible. There's a huge difference between local farms where animals arent cramped in little cages, pumped full of meds and die by the thousands daily, and factory farms where most get their meat. I never said it was easy to get by, either. I would love to purchase super cheap meat products at the grocery, but my conscious prevents this and I curtail other pleasures to support a vegetarian lifestyle. I wish you (and all) original comment was posted as a call for education of what is being put in your body, as most companies are solely concerned with profit and don't mind the health of consumers.
I live on a working farm, we live off the land. Meat veg and dairy. You think its easy trying to get by let alone feed the masses on these farms you should only be so lucky.....(Trace)...
Ignorance really is bliss, huh? It's a shame most would rather think what they eat sprouts out of the ground packaged in pink styrofoam, rather than educate themselves on the actual process that occurs for them to eat something that leads to environmental degradation, tons of food that could be used to feed people wasted on fattening up livestock, animal suffering, and a multitude of health problems for the consumer. Yes, a video may be too graphic for some, but don't allow that to stop you from reading the truth. Some are so proud of their animal consumption and think a cruelty free diet is a joke...well, hope you have fun with your heart disease and colon cancer ;)!
I would but I really would rather not see what happens to live stock gooooo meat
Why would anyone want this???
Mmm... steak!!